Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Angles to lines

My fascination with lines continues -- now more towards straight lines. I think in reality what the allure is has more to do with the pure metal than angles or lines maybe..I think I am enjoying the 'pureness' of the metal itself. Clean, simple..letting it speak on its own.

So here are two pieces done this week:

Earrings made with 12 ga SS wire thats been hammered on the ends, then drilled - ring added to top for handcrafted earwire, and a dangle added ot the bottom (faceted aventurine and swarovski pearl)

and a 'thing' -- not sure if it will be an earring or a pendant. It is 20 ga formed into a circle and hammered with 20 ga hammered paddles and two bali daisies added.

1 comment:

  1. I would wear it as an earring but I am not averse to odd earrings if they are in harmony with eachother. I think it would make a lovely pendant as well though.