Monday, August 15, 2005

Experimenting with angles...

Seems most everything I do is round!

Coils and loops, bangles, and rings.....well, for some reason angles are calling me.

I grabbed my sketch book this weekend and scratched out a few things from items around the house and outside...just trying to come up wiht new design ideas. One thing that jumped out at me was a curved shape which hung just so due to the balance (weight) of each side in conjuction with the curvature. I turned it into an angular piece and ended up with a pendant (that I wasn't sure I liked - still not 100% convinced) but I persevered into links for a necklace to match and am about halfway done.

Not sure I like it....I like the concept, just not sure the execution is what it could I will continue to play with angles but here is what I have so far:

If you have any thoughts - feel free to comment using the link below!


  1. Well, I find your work refreshing, original and appealing.

    Thanks for the peek and the tour.