Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lovin' my hammer

This is a WIP, I am not certain if it will be a pin or a pendant....it all started when I was going to create a test piece working with granulation - my idea was to just do something simple - I took a piece of silver and was going to chase a few lines and then add some granulation - maybe in the shape of flowers. But my ganules which I made were kind of on the large side and besides - I got so into the chasing I just never stopped until I had this.

(FYI, "chasing" is a hammering technique...using small tools held slightly over the metal - you move them as you tap tap tap with the hammer.)

(Sterling silver and copper)

This may become a pin, but I am leaning towards a pendant. The piece measures approx an inch and a quarter in width and just over an inch in height.

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