Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've been called out!

For non-posting, I've been called out by Hans Meevis (see link to Hans's blog on sidebar). I've been wanting to do more posting about process and networking and general life rather than simply posting shots of my work....so, being called out is a good thing.

I don't know about you, but as an artist, I go through dry spells. Where I make literally NOTHING. I'm in one of these dry wasteland times right now. Thankfully (or not) metalsmithing is not my full time job right now, its my hobby. So dry spells don't kill me, other than I hate the way it feels to not be creating. I've been told before that the dry spells are usually times of drinking in lots of inspiration, revitalizing the inner creative spirit. I tend to agree, but it makes the waiting no more enjoyable. When the inspiration begins to flow forth again I know I'll go through a period of creative fervor. Come on fervor!

In the meantime, I took part in....well, not really 'took part in', more like volunteered. I didn't have any stock, so I volunteered to man the Maryland Metals Guild booth one morning at M'Art sans actually being a part of the show. M'Art is a show coinciding with The Assembly 2007, which was hosted by the Maryland State Arts Council. "The Assembly" is a yearly gathering put on by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. (thats a mouthful!) and this year it was in Baltimore - YAY! The Maryland Metals Guild was invited to have a booth, and about 10 or 11 artists displayed their work. I had a great time! It was such a good experience for me to see the work of my fellow artists and to man the booth, speaking with customers. Watching my fellow booth worker, Shana Kroiz, interact with customers was a an eye opener. She has such a natural way about her and is so knowledgable, she seemed at complete ease. And shse made a lot of sales, of her work, but also of others work. I think maybe its easier sometimes for us to sell other people's work. :) Shana's work is incredible. Organic forms, lots of earthy colors - you can view some of her work on Flickr (which my firewall is blocking right now for some reason - be back with with a link later). Shana works with enamel and also FIMO. She uses the FIMO to make what she calls 'sketches' which she then replicates in metal. Her earrings were really a big hit at the show. They are two part earrings with the back being as large as the front if not larger! They are awesome - and truly little works of art. Some are pierced and some are magnetic. The magnetic ones come with extra magnets, so you actually wear half an earring as a brooch! Well done Shana!

What else is going on? I am gearing up for the 2008 Jewelry Artists Retreat which will be held in October, same place - Littleton NC. Sign ups begin in January and then the real planning ensues. Who is bringing what tools, how are people getting there, who has the chocolate!???

I am also taking this 'down time' to re-organize my bench. Ev just posted some pictures of her newly designed and cleaned up bench on the forum and I'm green with envy. I am hoping that some of my Christmas presents this year will be in the way of bench organization. I've asked for some heavy duty industrial C clamps, some shoe shelves to add height to the back of my bench (table), 2x4 with little clamps to put on the wall so I can hang some hammers. Just what every gal wants for Christmas right? ;-) I think my family has finally acquiesced and come to terms with the idea that YES, this is REALLY what I want and what will make me happy. An organized workbench - music to my ears.

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  1. Ha Ha, got me too:) Good to see you post....

  2. It's no bice to see some else in clinical research out there who does what I do AND is into learning metalsmithing! Oh Yeah! I am NOT alone! LOL. Have you tried small time welding yet? I have done smithing from the smallest of jewelry up to ironwork gates & was working on aluminum up until my stroke 2 years ago. I am getting back into smithing & casting again.