Monday, March 10, 2008

A trio

I really have been working on some pieces! But I've been doing a lot of sketching and slowing down in the whole process. The first was to be a pendant, then it turned some design modifications along the way and right now I'm feeling somewhat ambivalent about the result. Its a mystery stone with onyx and its set in sterling:

and the stone up close with a flash:

and the back:

(still needs the pin stem)

Then a pendant.

Seraphanite and sterling:

Finally I am working on a new technique - this ring is a prototype. Its amethyst and sterling. The sterling wire is forged on both ends then soldered at the base of the shank. A hole was drilled in the top for the amethyst bead and another wire to go through. The wire was balled on both ends:

The ring is really dirty - it hasn't been cleaned properly yet - I was itching to test drive it, check for comfort etc.

added a turquoise one...

C&C Welcome!



  1. Very very cool ring Janice!!! I love this! The elegance of it! Glad you posted this...hope you didn't get into a crash while driving..:-D

  2. Thanks Chris!! And nope - I was safe. ;-)

  3. I made a soldered malachite bracelet years ago at a workhops, oh how I miss it!

    That ring is amazing and so unique !

  4. Thanks LL - I just saw your etsy shop - NEAT stuff! ( I hearted you so I can come back later to look and maybe shop!) Thakns for the comments and let me know when you're ready to return to some metalwork!!! :)