Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Synchroblog test & sign up!

The Jewelry Artists Network Synchroblog is about to begin!

What is a Synchroblog?

A synchroblog is a way to connect bloggers who choose to blog on the same topic at about the same time each month. It is a great way to see different perspectives and opinions and also see how different topics can be approached. Some possible topics related to jewelry that have been suggested are:

  • Creativity (creative block, fostering creativity)

  • Learning Processes/Paths

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Art Jewelry, where is the line? (is there a line?)

  • Mentors, Heroes

  • Networking (pros, cons, internet, in person..)

  • Color theory & balance

  • Finishing a piece - how do you know when its done?
(feel free to suggest topics in the comments here!)

With that in mind, I am testing various tools to show links with ease. First up is an automatic link creater. Lets see if this test works. The link generator looks like its working fine, so we'll plan on using that for now!

If you would like to participate in the JAN Synchroblog, let me know by using the form below.


    1. I think this is an awesome idea!!!!

    2. YAY Cindy - welcome aboard! :)

    3. Looking good, Janice! When are you planning on having the first posts?

    4. Sounds cool!

    5. Have been following ur great blog for a while now and would love to participate, its sound like a great idea!Im In!