Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Art in MY economy

Some say we are in a recession or heading that way, some don't buy it. I don't really know what to think other than I know costs of everyday items are constantly rising.

I also know that making my art is costing me more. All of my materials seem to cost more than ever. With rising costs of food and fuel, and everything else, whats a girl to do?

For me it means selling, something I haven't really tackled up to this point. My economy means I need to finally buckle down and start thinking about what I like to make and who my target audience might be. Then, how am I going to reach them? Up to this point I've been very lackadaisical about the business aspect of my art. The time has come to buck up missy!

I am setting a goal to write a business plan, even if its simple and somewhat vague. At least it will be there as a guide and it can always be revised.

It seems to me that even though we may cut corners and scrimp, there are still many people who will spend their money on something that brightens their day, something that might be a bit of a splurge (especially in the current economy), something that just makes them smile and feel good. We all need that, don't we?

Thats what I'm going to be banking on as I move forward, a trust that the economy will ebb and flow but that people will always appreciate beauty and the value of handmade. :)



  1. Janice,You make fabulous jewelry. You will do well!

  2. Hiya Janice,
    Everything you said... MAKES SENSE! :)
    In fact, when i just did the intro into starting up a business(yep, i want to sell jewellery too)...my mentor was happy with me when i said exactly the same thing as what you just posted... that people will buy... because there will always be a need for a person to feel good about themselves. There has to be room for someone to pamper them self or be pampered by someone...
    on my business plan, i have stated that my target market are women from the 'late 20's' to the 60 or so year olds (with a 'disposable income').
    I have to say, I agree with JoJo... you really do make FABULOUS jewellery!

  3. Hi Janice! There is no doubt that your beautiful pieces would sell! Too bad making a business plan is not as much fun as making the jewelry..... :0

  4. I have recently started making jewelry (not on your level, but working on it) that my boyfriend says I should think about selling. I'm scared to make this transition from doing it just for fun and doing it for money. Good luck with your business plan!! Keep us posted!!