Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Forum down - host changing servers

It's no fun when you go looking for your friends and they just aren't there! I feel your pain! The forum is down (again...seems like a lot lately) because my webhost is changing servers. I expected it to just be a blip so I failed to make an announcement. Myapologies. I am hoping its just the migration taking a bit longer than anticipated and nothing more serious - keep checking in, we should be back up soon!

*UPDATE* A component of the new hardware was apparently damaged and a new one is on its way - but that means we are down until tomorrow sometime. PLEASE feel free to chat here in comments of visit one anothers blogs.....

I can be reached via email - janiceihg at hotmail DOT com. :)

10.02.08 -- We're back up - YAY! I apologize for the repeated issues lately. Most of them were my fault - thankfully this one wasn't, but that doesn't make it anymore palatable. :(

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