Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The push I Need?

Most of us think about it a fair amount, some of us a lot - clearly some of us more than others.

There have been times in my life when I could hardly think of anything else....

but as I've gotten older I've thought about it less.

Until now.

What am I talking about?

Money. (of course! What else???)

I've been strapped at times in my life and money was VERY tight (practically non-existent!) but in more recent years things have been better. As I've grown older and my career has become more and more established I haven't had to think about money quite as much.

Well yesterday changed everything. I bought a car. I had to - my previous one was just too much traouble - bad transmission, one after another....can't keep sinking money into that. So I bought a new car. Problem is I had about 27 payments left on the old one. That was rolled into the new car payments. OUCH! Can you feel my pain?

I have loved that metalsmithing has been 100% hobby for me. No worries about what to make, will it sell?, will they (someone) like it? I have had the LUXURY of simply making what I want when I want and with whatever materials I want. (ok, to a degree on the materials - I'm not wealthy!) But now...a single mom carrying 2 car payments? Things are about to change.

Maybe. Just maybe, this is the push I needed to get my tail in gear and turn this into a business.

I kept saying yesterday how serendipitous the events of yesterday were as I went through the steps of purchasing the new car. Little things the salesman, Bill, said - the selection on the lot - the bank that took my loan....and now, I wonder. Does it also pertain to my metalsmithing? Is the entire event of the car situation poising me to launch my business? Finally?

Or am I just overthinking the whole thing? ;-)


  1. WOW Janice! I'm glad you didn't get hurt in your studio! It sure would be awful to mess up my tools!
    It's good to see your finally thinking about selling, too. It can be fun and not so fun sometimes. I have mixed feelings about it, but mostly I enjoy it.
    It's the only way I can keep buying supplies and tools!

  2. The entire event of your car situation is pushing me to launch my own business (well I suppose I already launched it... It's just not that far off the ground). My real job isn't as fun. Good Luck!

  3. Now, is it creative people that tend to overthink? I do this as well or else things just fly over my head. Maybe you were just preparing for this moment all these years while you were fine tunning your craft.... I miss you guys at the forum.... I'll stop by soon.

  4. Thanks Tammy! :) I do worry a bit about taking something I love and making it 'work' -- hoping it won't become a 'chore' and I can still retain the joy of it !

    Katie - I'm glad my misfortune can be your 'upswing' - loved your post on your blog...I think you ended on an upswing (or they outnumbered the down) so you're really doing good! :)

    Joanne - I think maybe we do overthink -- for me I think its a habit of just letting my mind run wild. Maybe that's where creativity lives -- in the wilds of our minds! lol. :)

  5. Janice that would be a good blog topic! lol!