Monday, November 24, 2008

Side note - SHOES!

I have another growing passion.

In addition to handbags I seem to have a growing fondness for shoes.

Not that it will ever be anything too out of control...I don't think. But its fun.

And I have begun purchasing quality shoes in addition to my $14.99 specials from Payless. So this weekend I took a trip to Pennsylvania to hit the Dansko outlet. I bought the shoes to the left (in brown leather, not the suede pictured here)




I was so unprepared for this outlet store.

They recently moved into a new showroom which is spacious, very organized, and it just has loads of pizazz. They have artwork, sculptures and trendy furniture. Its just FUN. Its a happy place. And they sell happy shoes. For happy feet. or, well, to make feet happy anyway.

A lot of women with foot problems turn to Dansko shoes. They have such a great support for the arch and sliding your foot into them is like wearing a soft cocoon on your foot. They just 'fit'. They feel good.

My mother who was nearly crippled with a horrible case of plantar fasciitis took to wearing them 3 years ago and her feet are just about 100% back to normal. And that didn't happen over time, it was noticeable the moment she began wearing them. However, she has only been wearing the clogs. And 3 years of clogs with every outfit, every day...well, it gets old. You can imagine. Right?

So Saturday we braved the cold, got in the car at 8:20am, and drove up to the outlet.

We trekked, we tried on, we triumphed!

We each left with 4 pairs of shoes. FOUR!

But such bargains!! Normally priced from about 145.00 - 175.00 a pair, we got them for a median price of about $67.00. Whhooohoo! And considering we each carried with us a 100 dollar bill that my brother had gifted to each of us last Christmas for Dansko's - our out of pocket could be rationalized!

Here are the rest of my lovelies...
I got these in the color and material shown - brown suede and leather.

These I purchased in black brushed leather...however, these shiney brownish ones are really nice too!

And these, as shown which I am wearing to work today!! They have a 3" heel which is PERFECT for me. And they are so comfy!

OK, back to regular schtuff. I just had to share.

Can anyone else relate to a passion for shoes?


  1. I have had a shoe addiction for years! I love them!

  2. I have a pair of Dansko clogs and I love them!!! Unfortunately, I can't find them. Thanks so much for the visit and encouraging words. I aspire to your level of talent!

  3. Thanks Kirstie! You MUST find your Danskos!! You're feet will thank you! ;-)

    SO Tammy, does that mean you have like a hundred pairs???

  4. I love Danskos! They are my sandal company of choice, hands down. (Though not their boots, for some reason those were painful!)

    I tend to wear them until they are dead (about 3 years)...I'm lucky, though, that my mom sells them in her store and gives me her overstock in my size for Christmas :)

  5. Yep.... I'm sure I could wear appropriate shoes every day for an entire month without repeating.... My latest ones were handmade clogs from endless possibilities on the outer banks... they're wonderful.

    However I don't think I have any Danskos!

  6. I am SO GLAD you told me about the outlet because now I am on a MISSION!!!