Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've decided...

Fold formed fish by Janice Fowler of Doxallo Designs ........that I must be part fish.


Ya know how 'they' say don't overfeed your fish? Do you know WHY 'they' say that? I think its because fish will just keep eating.

Whatever you give them, they eat it up.

It can make them sick. It may even be possible that it could kill them. Well, it hit me today as I pulled out piece of pizza number 2, that I must be a fish, or at least part fish.

I normally eat very minimally at work - my orange mango yogurt with Go-Lean Crunch mixed in it and then a half a sandwich for a late lunch. Today I didn't have time to make my half a sandwich so I grabbed two pieces of left over pizza. When I got hungry this afternoon I pulled out one piece and left the other wrapped up. I ate the one and then PROMPTLY retrieved the other and quickly threw that one down too.

And thats when it hit me. If I have it with me, I'll eat it. I must be a fish.

That's sad. Just sad.

Although....ya know......I AM an avid swimmer. ADORE the water, parents thought I had gills I took to the water so quickly as a young child and I began competitive swimming shortly thereafter - I actually swam for the same club as Michael Phelps here in Baltimore. Probably could have been a contender (said with a brooklyn accent) but then I became a teen and gave it all up....hmm, but I digress.

So besides being fishy...I've been BUSY.

Doing what you may wonder? I know you are wondering, even if I can't hear you....because surely it can't have anything to do with jewelry. I've been so non-productive lately.

But, wait, it IS jewelry!! YAY!

I have like 3 pieces in the works. Ok, to some of you that is nothing. I know. But come on! Remember, I work full time - with a 40 minute commute one way - and I'm a single ya know, my time is tight.

And fish are slow with tools.

But I hope to have pictures tonight! So stay tuned! :)


  1. LOL!! I'm part fish far as eating goes ;). When it comes to swimming...that's another story. Too scared...still don't know how to swim.

    I look forward to the three pieces in work!! Wooohooo!!

  2. Funny, Janice!

    But seriously - you shouldn't overfeed your fish because the uneaten food will ruin the water quality in the tank. Sorry to ruin your excuse...

  3. Yep...I have a pair of gills on me somewhere...great fish!!!! Have a great Christmas too!!!!