Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Present to me, from me!

I have long admired etsy seller Shoshana Snow. I just love the patterns and the colors she uses on her pottery and I have had her 'hearted' for some time.

I was visiting someone elses blog (can't recall who right off the top of my head) and they had purchased a couple of small pieces and with my recent sales online I had some money in my paypal account and soooooooooo, I ordered!

Two small pieces, both 'misfits' meaning they have tiny flaws and they were discounted in price. This gave me a chance to purcahse two pieces and see the work in person.
They arrived yesterday and I was SO excited! I opened the package immediately! The box was FULL of bubble wrap and each item was individually cocooned in bubble wrap. They were very protected and arrived safe and sound.
Aren't they lovely!!??
I think I am hooked. I never thought I'd be a 'collector' but I think I will be collecting her works...I have my eye on a couple more items..maybe a Valentine's Day gift to myself. :-)


  1. Oh, her stuff is great! How big are these pieces? I really like them - and Valentine's is coming for me too...

  2. These two pieces are small.....I don't recall the measurements but she has detailed descriptions and measurements on all of her items. I am really, really pleased with the two pieces I received and I KNOW I will be purchasing more in the future. :)

  3. these are LOVELY! I can see why you're so excited...and show us your Valentine's present too, OK?

  4. I love shopping on Etsy! It's so much fun to use the money in my paypal account. I also like trading with folks there. It's a great way to shop.