Thursday, February 05, 2009

Creative juices are flowing!

I'm in a great creative spurt - at least I have lots of thoughts and ideas swirling...whether or not I get benchtime is another thing, but I have made two new pieces.

One basic metalsmithing, but with a twist for me - prongs. :) YAY! And the other is a bit more advanced metalsmithing - anticlastic raising or forming.

The first pendant, with prongs, is largely inspired by my dear friend Christy ( - she constantly amazes me with what she makes (constructs? containers and pendants etc. ohhhhhh, and glass works!)
The pendant is sterling, palmwood, onyx.

The second is inspired by my love of hammering! It is an anticastic form, sort of spiraling down and opening up into a hammered form. I then added some sterling wire and little 14k gold balls then oxidized the entire thing.

I love the overall flow of the whole thing. Its a little large for ME for a pendant and if I had it to do over I would have had this bail extend a few turns and then come down for a pin stem. I think it would make a lovely brooch - but it will work as a pendant for the right person. On a short cable sort of chain or a neckwire.



  1. OOOHHH. Both are gorgeous. Nice work. I created a new piece today, too.

  2. Both pieces are beautiful but my favorite is the pendant. I have been afraid to try prongs...I guess I need to take the plunge.

  3. Nice! You and I must be on the same productive wave length.
    I love the raised piece. I need to get out my hammer and experiment with raising more.

  4. That first piece is nice, Janice, but I LOVE the second one! I suspect it is way too big for me but if you shrank it I would totally wear it.

  5. Thanks all! I am finally getting regular time at the bench again - it feels SO good!

  6. A-ha! I want to try and set a stone with prongs this year. They really let the stone show off its beauty. Both these pieces are wonderful but the first is my favourite.