Thursday, March 05, 2009

A two-fer day! Spread the LOVE!!

YAY! I received some LOVE in the form of an 'award' - a Spreader of Love award! YAY!

Candace was kind enough to bestow this upon me. First she bestows me with that gorgeous necklace and now this!!! She is a total Love Spreader. She is super nice, very prolific, and very hmmm (now don't take this the wrong way) 'basic' -- like it just seems, from the little I know of her so far - that what you see is what you get - no ego or added frills or posturing - just basic Candace. And how refreshing is that!!!? In a world where it seems you have to dig and dig and dig to uncover truths and reality and genuineness.

Now its my turn - Here is how it was given:

The award goes like any of my blogging friends out there, who take the time to leave a comment, a word of encouragement, or a compliment on something that I created and shared. The rules are:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

4. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees.

1. Award Logo - a

2. Link to Candace - a, a, a

3. Nominate 5 blogs - see below

4. Link to their blogs - see below

5. Leave a message for my nominees - getting to that.....


1. Swati - Not only does she encourage me, but she makes me laugh and since laughter is the best medicine maybe I should start calling her Dr. Swati. :-D Seriously, she's been a constant source of encouragement for the past...well, gee, must be a couple of years now. ((hugs))

2. Katherine - Better known online as KMJewelryStudio. I always have to do a search to make sure I have her correct name correct. :) Her dad calls her Katie though. ;-) Katherine and I bumped into each other in blogland and have been mutual followers and encouragers. Katherine makes really really cool jewelry - great designs - AND she plays the banjo. HOW COOL IS THAT?

3. Vicky - Also affectionately known as GingaSquid, or just Ginga sometimes to me. Vicky is extremely encouraging, has a great sense of design, and is just way too fun. Her particular sense of humor suits mine very well. She's a GREAT friend!

4. Melissa - Melissa is a 'popper-inner' (everyone needs one of those!) She pops in and out with a word of encouragement and a hug. She lives not too too far away from me (the wonders of the internet - finding people in your own backyard!) and I've semi-invited myself to her house - one of these days............! Her hubby is also quite talented - see him here

5. Last, but defintely not least - LISA!! Lisa is a new friend whom I hope will become a very old friend one day! :) Lisa is a lovely lady who makes lovely rings and has a lovely blog where she says lovely things. OK, seriously - she's a blast. I lurked for a long time at her blog - not really sure I 'got' her....but the thing is - there's nothing to get - Lisa is just being Lisa - its genuine, she's genuine. She inspires me with her jewelry but also with her fearless honesty and courage to share her life with us all .

I could list so many more - but I'm going to follow the rules this time!

Now its up to all of you to go forth and spread more love.
I know you can do it!



  1. Hey Janice...just "popping in" to say thank you for the award!! You are a sweetie and I do want you to come over! I have my solder and am going to start playing with it soon.
    Thanks for the hubby tag as well:)

  2. Oh THANK you Janice :-). I must be spreading a lot of love...LOL! Because just a few days back Tammy gave me the same award. I can already see my velcro stuck halo shining even more :-D.

  3. Thanks Janice! Oh gosh I've got to dash and spread some luuuuurve around now.......

  4. Dunnn the deeed: