Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TFT - Ring night

I had a great bench night last night - somewhat short, but that's ok. I hate to feel I HAVE to create just because I have the dedicated time, so although at first I sort of felt that way, I'm now settling in and being a little easier on myself.

I am still amazed though that I can work for what seems like a long time (and is kind of for me) and then look at the clock and its only 10pm! THAT is the beauty of having the dedicated night - that I can get in some decent bench time but not have to be up unitl midnight or beyond. I mean, I still don't go to bed until near midnight, but I can settle down upstairs, enjoy a bit of my normal routine, before I drag myself to bed.

Sooooooooo, last night I made 3 rings - just about all done. And mostly in sizes I won't be tempted to keep! I need to do a tiny bit more clean up and then polish/tumble and set the stones. Oh and patina if I decide to.

All 3 rings were initially going to have 5mm faceted swiss topaz stones, but now I'm thinking only one will. I think the one of the others may have a non-faceted swizz topaz (cab) and the other is a toss up between a faceted peridot and a tourmaline cab. Hmm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

As far as the 14k gold ring I had started, well, I removed the shank (cut and then melted remaining nubs), made another quick shank, soldered it on - pickled the piece and then left it there staring me down.

Daring me to do soemthign with it.

Uh-uh, I'm not playing your game ring. I'm not going to be pressured to do something with it or anything with it until I'm good and ready. So just site there, I don't care. I'm not lookin'.

And believe it or not - I ignored it!

I recently FINALLY got my 20 ton press set up. yay! I hadn't played with it yet, but I did receive some 90 durometer urethane the other day, so last night I finally pressed a thing. Really, it was a 'thing'. I took some umm, plastic - whatcha-ma-call-it plastic - and cut a quick shape - some weird amoeba looking thing. And I fiddled with pressing some relatively thin copper. Cool. I like. This is going to be fun. :) I then proceeded to smash a brass cuff - just for the hell of it -and because Debora wanted me to. Deb, we gotta do some more work on this - I think I need to

1 - use more metal, 2 - use thicker metal, and 3 - use some urethane to 'frame' it to get a smoosh instead of a smash (if you know what I mean).

More "adventures with the hydaulic press" coming - stay tuned!

Pedro went off to the vet this morning for his surgery. Splenectomy. And associated mass removal. Poor little guy. I felt so bad leaving him. Wondering if he feels abandoned. But, no, I don't really think he feels abandoned, I don't believe dogs think like that.
However, I do believe he feels stressed. Unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar least he has his little doggy bed from home. And I should be able to pick him up tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go just fine. :)

I keep thinking about that post from the other day - how faith cropped into it - I keep trying to build faith in myself in terms of my work and starting a business with it, starting to sell - its compeltely and entirely nerve wracking, but little by little that faith is coming, building, and the more it grows the stronger it gets - like that mustard seed and tree. I think lots of things are like that - if you can just get started - the momentum builds. One positive step leads to the next. So, today I encourage you to move beyond whatever day dreaming or thinking you may be doing and take a step, even if its a little one - take that next positive step. I bet you'll be glad you did. :)

Hope all is right in your world guys!



  1. Great advice or challenge however you look at it!!! We are often times restrained within the "boxes" we build around ourselves, afraid of failure and the "what if's" thing Taekwondo has taught me.. You are not a failure if you try and give it your best, even if you don't succeed....It's amazing how freeing it is when you remove the box around you and live!!!

    Lets see those rings!!

  2. Hi Janice,
    I really enjoy the content of this post. Especially the last paragraph to take a step and just keep that momentum building. Great!

  3. Jnnice-
    Hope Pedro made it through all right. My fur baby has had a lot of physical problems, so I understand where you are coming from.

    I so agree with little steps- I know I have been my own worst enemy when it comes to success in my own business. Sometimes I feel like I am trying on shoes at K-mart- you know the ones that are tied together, and you never put them on near the foot mirror, and you end up skittering over, looking silly? That is me and promoting myself and my business- I never get far, I feel awkward and even foolish. You need to start trying on some big girl shoes-you got talent!