Thursday, June 18, 2009

Warning - Graphic content

Who ever would have thought THAT would be a title here? From me? Mild mannered, uhh, whatever.

Never mind.

Here's Pedro, lovingly looking at me whilst I scratch around his tummy-tum-tum. His favorite thing in life, besides his little drumstick snackers he gobbles up.

So ok - the warning, I said there was graphic content right? Below you will see Pedro's little tummyy-tum-tum full of stitches.....if you are easy queasy then look away, look away NOW, don't read any furhter, or at least scroll down past the next photo...

Here we have our dear little Pedro - stitches and all.

OWY! Right? (and ok, maybe not so graphic - I decided not to upload the close up shots - they really aren't that pleasant)

Poor little guy. He looks so funny with his shaved tummy.

These stitches are like wire -they are so hard. Hard plastic, not nice silky sutures like we'd use in plastic surgery. Odd, huh? Plastic sutures but not in plastic surgery. Backwards...but, oh well. Such is life. ;-) Anyway, my little chunky monkey, who is NOT our brave bow-wow, is NOT going to enjoy his trip back to the vet tonight.

I said I'd get some pics of the other 'pillows' - so this morning I snapped a few literally on my way out the door. The texture design doesn't show up so well - partly because there is no patina yet and partly because it was a light printing and even though the beast doesn't obliterate textures, the movement of the metal, with the minute stretching, does alter it just the tiniest bit.

So when you start with somethign very light - it can make a bit of difference. We'll have to see how these play out once they are LOS'd. They have also been burnished a tiny bit which will also remove a bit of the depth.

That's it for now. I am trying to mentally prepare for the next few days - I start tonight with the vet appt. and then shopping for my son's party -and a bday gift for his friend - and a teacher gift for end of the year. (I had wanted to make a bracelet for her, but I think I'm out of time considering tomorrow is the last day and tonight I'm vetting and shopping.

Oh, and did I mention that I didn't sleep worth squat last night? I have been takig 50mg of benadryl a night at bedtime for the past 4 years or so with an occassional taper to almost come off it......then back on, then back to almost off...sooooooooo, two nights ago I ran out.

I'm cold turkey and last night was the pits. I drifted off finally a little after 1am and I 'slept' fitfully until about 5 am and then tossed and turned half asleep til I got up. So after about 4 hours of some degree of sleep, I'm left very tired today. :( And had a headache this morning.





  1. I'm so glad Pedro is okay! Poor little guy!
    I love the pillows your creating, but you always make me want more tools, and I'm running out of room (and money!)
    I didn't sleep good last night either, so you weren't alone. I'm still in my PJ's at 3 pm!

  2. Hi,
    I'm so glad your little guy is home safe and healthy.. rubbing the tummy must be like bar of choc to people.. LOL I love choc.. my dogs love it also.. the tummy rubs that is.. they always want the choc too, but I think it's cause they know they can't have it.. LOL silly puppies.. My girl will be getting spade tomarrow, and shots. yuck. she won't be feeling great but it's necessary

  3. We have resorted to movie tickets for teachers--easy to buy and they get to treat themselves whenever they want to!

    Good luck with all of the running around!

  4. I'm glad Pedro is doing good now, even with the strange haircut that i am sure he doesn't care for much. lol!

    I have a headache too....I slept more than needed. My problem is opposite of yours. I can sleep anytime, and if I didn't have to wake up, I wonder if I'd ever wake up.

  5. I have problems sleeping too and Benedryl gives me a headache in the morning. I've always been envious of those people who can go to bed at 10:00
    and wake up at 6:00 all refreshed and bouncy. Where's my coffee?? :-/


  6. Pedro looks like he is healing well...that's great. Love the pillow and I hope you can get some rest....I have to take Ambien CR every now and then and it works great for me with no residuals.