Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday Fave & Friday Five - a twofer!

So today's Friday Fave is also going to be a Friday FIVE. yay! ;-)

I want to share 5 new Favorite Etsy shops.

Mary Judy - I stumbled onto her shop and was immediately mezmerized - the colors and patterns just made me so happy. So today I bought this:
as a little birthday pressie to myself. :) YAY!

OnaRoll - there is just something so cozy about her items, oh crap - they ARE cozies. But you know what I mean...well, maybe you do. I think as I grow older I appreciate softness....-which I know seems in stark contrast to the bright WOW colors in the first I'm a gal with lots of facets - want to make something of it? hmmm, I thought not. ;-) I love that her items bring a little gentleness into one's day - on your ipod or on your cofee cup - ooooooooooh, I know why I like it. I'm tactile. Texture girl, remember? uhh-huh. I want one.

UnderthePlanet - lush, fabulous handbags. Need I say more?

Amy Giacomelli - Fabulous bright paintings....

Joshua Craig art - metal bowls -- really really NICE metal bowls. :)

There you have it - ENJOY! :)



  1. Thanks for the nice mention! And yes, this can count as a giveaway entry. :)

  2. Love the cosies! Janice you are going to have to get knitting - you will LOVE it!