Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fresh is good - in more ways than one!

I've said before that I don't normally sketch prior to creating. Sometimes I sketch for the heck of it, when I'm waiting to pick my son up from practice or something. But I don't normally sit down and sketch something with the plan of making that thing. I guess I sketch to release creativity, to get ideas going, to keep it 'fresh'.

RAW food is all about fresh. While eating raw does not have to include drinking green smoothies, it does seem to be a big part of it for a lot of raw foodists. Eventually I was curious and tried green smoothies. Love them!

I have one each morning now - basically it consists of water, TONS of fresh spinach, and some frozen fresh fruit (local for the most part). I like to add the fruit for a tiny bit of sweetness and a bit of frozen goodness - its almost like a spinach milkshake, minus the milk! Sometimes I add some carrot or other veggy or fruit, but for the most part its spinach as the base. Another great smoothy is the fruit smoothy. I make mine with light vanilla soy milk, cutting it in half with water, and then whatever fresh fruit I have on hand, often adding some fruit that I've frozen.

Yesterday I had a fruit smoothy for dinner, but I made so much that I had leftovers. I decided to pop the small amoung left in the freezer. Later, when I wanted a little snack before bed, I remembered a post I saw by ShannonMarie of Rawdorable and was inspired! I decided to modify that a bit, keeping it 'fresh' - using what I had on hand - to make my own sort of cobbler. I used the leftover (and now frozen) blackberry peach smoothy (a little less than a quarter cup) to which I added freshly cut plum, peach, and banana. I topped it with a mixture of oats, raw wheat germ, chopped raw almonds, and a touch of honey and molasses (working on getting a raw sweetener). It turned out wonderfully!! One of the BEST things I've eaten so far.

I guess thats an analogy for how things work with my jewelry designs. I see a lot of enticing and 'yummy' work out there and I tuck it in the back of my mind. Then when I'm ready to cook something up in my studio, I use what I have on hand, mix it with what looks good to me, draw on inspiration tucked away and come up with something thats 'fresh' and hopefully it turns out 'wonderfully', like my fruit cobbler with frozen blackeberry "ice cream'!

I am working on new items for a small show/market I agreed to do (which is fast approaching!). Last night I got some bench time (since Tuesday evening was spent in the ER.....a story for another day) and I know I pulled heavily from things I've seen recently, adding my own spin, using what materials and tools I have in my own studio. Hopefully keeping it fresh!

Fresh is good both in the RAW world and in jewelry!

Eat fresh and Create fresh!


  1. I don't know about going raw, but your smoothies sound delish.


  2. out visiting tonight...
    have a wonderful weekend...
    mona & the girls

    ps that global conversation looks pretty cool..