Friday, January 08, 2010

Jewelry Artists Retreat 2010

Its that time of year! Get ready for . . . .


Littleton, NC Lake Gaston - 10/10/10 - 10/18/10

250.00 - 50.00 due at sign up is non-refundable deposit

Sign ups begin:

  • January 14th for alums
  • February 1 for new registrations

We have a limit of 10-13 people. (because its such close quarters we've traditionally only had women at the retreat, but we can consider men joining us - either in the house or at a nearby motel)

What is it?:
The retreat is a week long 'playday' in a huge house, lakefront, in beautiful North Carolina.

We all bring tools and materials and we spend the entire week making, sharing, teaching, learning.

Who is it for?
Anyone with a love of jewelry making who wants to learn, improve, share, grow. And LAUGH.

How does it work?
You bring your own tools and materials (as much as possible).

We all pitch in bringing some items - workoom tables/chairs etc depending on where we are coming from and how we are getting there - as well as some larger tools - we decide that as we go along once we have sign ups mostly complete we'll start a spreadsheet.

We will have multiple flex shafts, a bench shear, a kiln, a polishing machine, several tumblers and pickle pots, lots of torches, a rolling mill, etc

Transportation is your responsibility. We will network once sign ups are complete for shared rides etc. but ultimately you need to figure out how to get there. If you are flying in, you'll need to rent a car or plan a ride.....

Its a shared living experience - you get your own bed, but not your own room....its NOT A HOTEL. Bring your own toiletries and linens (unless you decide to use theirs - if you use theirs you will need to wash AND dry them prior to leaving. we have found its easier to bring yor own)

We all pitch in for a grocery run first day. That will include bottled water and tea, bread, b-fast, lunch, and dinner 'stuff' - meat, fruit, veggies, snacks and other items - TP....etc. Anything you require specifically for yourself - 'lowfat, sugar free, natural peanut butter' -- or a certain soda, or whatever - - you'll need to bring it or buy it yourself when you get there....the group money will not be able to purchase person specific items. We take turns cooking dinner...........breakfast and lunch people kind of grab on the go while we're working....

We do most of our work (metalsmithing) in the garage - it can get cold - bring appropriate clothing.

What types of techniques or projects will be covered?

This varies year to year depending on who comes, but you could expect

  • soldering - all levels
  • wirewrapping
  • chainmaille
  • forging
  • fold forming
  • raising (anticlastic and synclastic)
  • enamelling
  • resins
  • stone setting - bezel, tube, flush, bead...maybe more
  • broom straw casting
  • etching - copper and sterling

Etched sterling -2009


Demonstrations with any or all of the tools -

flexshaft and attachments, rolling mill...etc.

Demonstrations of techniques - either as a group or on an individual basis.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

Check the 'official' information page for photos from previous years and a link to pics of the house.

Contact me with any questions.


We will have a couple of openings for new folks to join us this year.
Sad to say that Wendy is moving to China for at least a year (but what an amazing opportunity!)

So give it some thought!