Friday, February 05, 2010

So excited! The wait is over!

I have been working on this on and off for so long - so VERY long.

At least it feels really long.

Its been done in fits and starts and stops and starts and tantrums and starts and lots of dead time inbetween.

Well, I finally decided it was time to get it done. Or "git 'er done" as my good buddy Lisa would say.

So, last night I sat down and banged through some of the techy stuff that I had been putting off.

I'm NOT a techy person!!!  This is NOT my favorite thing to do, but,  I now have a 'complete' Tutorials page on my website AND on the Jewelry Artists Network Website - Tutorials WITH automatic download!!! 

Each site now is all set up, though some testing probably needs to be done. . . . . .and I can't tell you how pleased I am!

And it's not just me! There are going to be tutorials from other artists. People I've known for a long time and that I respect and trust. We'll be going deeper into metalsmithing and also featuring wireworking tutorials.

AND, on top of all of that, video tutorials are in the works! I hope to have a collage snapshot of some of those soon.....I've watched a few and they are really amazing. Filmed in a very relaxed conversational style that shows how things are REALLY done in a studion on a day to day basis they are sure to be a HUGE help to people!

Other than that - its SNOWING here! I hear we are supposed to get a doozy of a storm - for us anyway. Maybe over 20 inches....ok, have to run!!!