Friday, March 26, 2010

Utter Embarassment

I took my son shopping the other night.

He was in desperate need of new (larger) baseball cleats. 

And a few summer pieces since the weather here changes SO fast and it has gotten right warm. And since the summer clothes we pulled out from last year were actually from the year before.

Yea, buy big, wear twice.  That's my motto.

Well, it would be my motto if I had a motto.

anyway, we buy big if possible and get a couple seasons if we can. Depends on how fast LG is growing.

Which depends of course on how much I am feeding him. 

But thats another story.  

And regardless, its no more 'little' LG. 

These days are gone.

 LG has moved from the little boy section to the bigger boy section. Ya know - no more 4-6 or whatever it is. He's now in the 8-14 section. Just a quick hop away from juniors I guess. Do they call it the junior section with guys?

I know so little about guy shopping. It never really felt like GUY shopping when he was smaller. 

It was just 'kids clothes' shopping. Its definitely more like 'guy' shopping now. 

I could feel the testosterone exuding from the clothing and the decor.

Or maybe it was just the humidity.

Whatever it was, we wandered through the racks until I found a couple pairs of shorts and a bathing suit. 

And then I saw a brushed cotton baby blue button down shirt that was to die for. 
And since LG looks oh so handsome in 'tailored' clothing 
I grabbed that and another button down and off to the dressing room we went. 

I wrangled him in and out of the clothes, determined we needed a few different sizes,
and I  went out to get them. 

but not before instructing him to NOT open the door to anyone, (times being what they are and a rather large set of feet had planted themselves in the dressing room next to us). 

I quickly ran out, got the clothes, headed back

and thats when it hit me. 

there were big feet in the dressing room next to us. 

Big manly feet. 

Men's feet. 

in the dressing room.

Uh yea, I had been in the MENS dressing room. 

And I was about to go back in........ 

(a Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do)

Keeping my head down, back in I go - and in pantomine we try on the other shorts. 

Strictly business and ever so quickly now. 

And then I leave him to get dressed as I make a hasty exit. 

Right past the Dad waiting for his two boys.

And the Mom waiting for her son.

And I never looked back.

And although it was utterly embarassing, I do feel accomplished as we now have shorts that actually fit.

Did I mention we may have snow flurries today? (totally true)

Thats the weather for you here.  

Its a little nutty.

Like me. 

And my boy. :)