Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New FREE Jewelry Making Tutorial and more

There is a lot in the works right now at the Jewelry Artists Network.

I finally got a new 'tutorial' posted last night to the Jewelry Artists Network website. It's in quotes because I have to admit that its not really a tutorial, not like the ones I sell which are WAY more detailed. This is more of an outline. It is a piece that I wrote several years back for a friend and I had intended to go back and fill in the blanks and redo the photos for a FFS tutorial and I just never got around to it. So now its free, as is, in all its bumpy lumpy rough glory! (direct link: )

Several more free tutorials, both from myself and other artists, are coming and there will be a dedicated page for the freebies. So stay tuned!!

That is one thing that I do love about the jewelry making community - the willingness to share. I have been doing my best to give back for the past several years and am now making a push to do so on a larger scale which is why the network website pages have been expanded. For 4 or 5 years now the network has been (and continues to be) a FABULOUS place to connect via the forum, however I know that a lot of artists don't have time for forums etc so hopefully making more information available on the website itself will be helpful.

There is an inspirations page underway where we'll feature select pieces from members and other artists and there is a new resource page almost done that is devoted to reviews of galleries by the artists and for the artists.

Check the tips & tricks posts for innovative, cost saving or even funny tips to incorporate into your studio.

One feature that people have really enjoyed is the "SPOTLIGHTS" which we have run on and off for about 4 years now. It would be great to have these on a regular basis, but we need artists! If you would like to be featured, PLEASE contact us via the website: . (just use the contact tab in menu bar)

If there is something else you'd like to see us write about or add to the site, just let us know. This is for all of us ! :)