Saturday, September 25, 2010

Picture day

This could almost be a wordless Wednesday kind of post.

Been running here and running there.....can't complain.............or won't. :)

Life is good. And I'm blessed with the health to do the running. Thankfully!

AND, I usually have the camera in my purse, so at least when I DO get to slow down, I can remember what I've bee doing!

Last night was a late one as my daughter didn't get off from the second job until 1:15is AM.

1AM....I'm usually deep in slumber, dreaming weird and wonderful things. Not last night. I threw the chihuahuas in the car at 12:16am thinking she was getting off work at 12:30AM (yes, I'm going to say AM every was late ya'll) so we sat in the parking lot for almost 45 minutes. Me half asleep. Dogs totally asleep.


NO camera at 1AM. Actually, it was there, I was just too durn tired.

I did have my camera with me last week when LG and I went to Barns and Noble.

He was looking for a GO-GOs collector tin which someone assured him was there.

It was not.

He drowned his disappointment (sorrow would be too dramatic) with a lovely double chocolate chunk brownie.

And I DID have my camera when I make some yum-o raw foods (will post photos on the raw blog later).

And I did have it with me today when I went to the little gem show at the HoCo fairgrounds.
where I met up with the lovely Pennee.

You can see her there....

And the lovely stones of the Hanna bros.

Thats Gordon Hanna.

Together with his brother - they have a LOT of years experience and cut a LOT of cabs.

They started around age 14.

They like stones.

See Gordon? See Gordon smile?

Gordon's happy. (like, reeeeeal happy)

Stones can have that effect on people.

See these stones? (despite the crummy pics and the formatting - pics done on kitchen table and formatting - thanks to blogspot. I am REALLY thinking about moving to wordpress, especially since blogger is soon going mandatory with their new editor - which I don't care for.....)
anyway, on to the stones.......

Now I'm happy too.

There are a few more stones

and a few more pictures,

but I'm having a hard time getting them situated on my laptop,

so those will have to wait. :)