Thursday, September 23, 2010

A quick share

I know that the economy stinks.

And I know that people are unfortunately struggling and many have (are and will) lose their jobs. I know it could happen to anyone, anywhere.

But I still need to share the good news that we have......

and this is.....


despite some HUGE hurdles (and I do mean huge)

my daughter now has a job! YAY!

She started almost two weeks ago and things are (knock on wood) going really well.

AND, since then has had 2 (or 3?) other job offers!


She might pick up a part time job for 6 months or so to get a good start on paying down some significant bills.

I know that in many places there are few jobs and things are tough. My heart goes out to you. Really. I know what its like to struggle financially - I really do. I have been a single parent and at times have struggled.

I'm just really thankful and wanted to share a little bit of good news.

I feel really really blessed that in Maryland the economy is (overall) still pretty good and there are still a LOT of job openings. SO SO thankful.

(had a photo of her in her new uniform but it can't find it right at the moment....will share it later if I find it)