Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I heart............

Its time for an "I heart' post!!!

I heart I heart posts. (but that doesn't count!) ;-)

First up -

I heart (absolutely heart heart heart) THANKSGIVING!!!

It is by far one of my most favorite holidays. Its not the food although I enjoy turkey and fixings - but its not ABOUT the food (sad to say that is all some people see).

Its about giving thanks.

Being thankful.

To me its about remembering all that I am blessed with and slowing down and spending the day with family.

Everyone has something to be thankful for.

So whether or not you eat turkey or tofurkey or cooked or raw - choose to be thankful tomorrow.

And then don't let it stop there.

An attitude of gratitude not only benefits you, but it benefits those around you. Its a pay it forward kind of thing. so keep it up - LIVE A LIFE of thanksgiving.

Next -

I heart meat-hands.

And all kinds of other crazy, creative, and sometimes creepy stuff people do with food!

I made that last year (Halloween) and missed the holiday this year but will enjoy getting creative with food around Christmastime this year.

I had to toss this one in here as I came across the picture today looking for something else. It made me smile and I realized, I heart meat-hands!

Last one for today-

I HEART yous!

Yous know who yous are.

The 'yous' who leave me comments, the 'yous' who send emails and share your journeys with me, the 'yous' behind the scenes and no so behind the scenes.

The 'yous' who aren't afraid to go your own way - like that guy to the left over there....dancing to your own tune....

Yous make this a truly wonderful world.