Monday, December 20, 2010

Glowing orbs

what are these glowing orbs.....?

Pretty, aren't they?



They are luminary. Made out of wax.

Lovely wax shells -- molded on water balloons!


I saw this project over on Wendy's blog:

and decided I HAD to try it.

I LOVED the look of her luminaries -- and wanted some of my own!!

I think I read her blog on Thursday or Friday.....and I made these Saturday night.


<-pretty balloonary on my kitchen counter!

cool huh!?

You can see that some of them are rather thick and I think I could have gone even thicker, but was anxious to test them out.

All in all I think I did this whole project in like an hour.

CRAZY quick and it was fun.

Mine didn't come out as nicely shaped as Wendy's - my balloons were rather squat and round and so are the result -- but at least they came out - on my first try !

I feel positively empowered!

And they sure are pretty when they are lit.

I then got bold and decided to make a hurricane of wax with an embedded photo. I have never worked with wax but decided to take my own recent advice and just go for it.

So here we have my first attempt.

It isn't quite finished, I need to level off the top and I may want to even out the inside.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNND, the photo is crooked, but its not totally horrid.

I think I am going to keep it!

Actually I think I am going to give it to my Mom.

To the left you can see it with a little tea light candle inside -- gives a really nice glow.

The photo is a tiny bit 'washed out' because of wax over it....or something....I am sure I didn't do something quite right - remember, this was my first one! And I had so much info in my head from reading it earlier, but unfortunately didn't have the info RIGHT there when I was doing it - silly me.

I actually had a wick in this! I had to dig it out when I realized that DUHHHH, its a hurricane, no wick needed. HA!

So what are you working on my creative friends? Holiday gifts? In your normal medium or are you like me, risking something new???