Monday, December 27, 2010


About time I updated on all the holiday excitement!

(I've been contemplating moving personal stuff into a different blog and making this blog more dedicated to smithing and jewelry -- but the jury is still out on that so for now - here's a recap Thanksgiving through Christmas.)

Thanksgiving was at my cousin's house - their first time hosting - what a GREAT job they did ! There is a trampoline in their backyard and the kids had a great time with that!

For Christmas there were handmade gifts

both bought

Robot Soap from an artist on Etsy

and made myself

I made my daughter three flowers for her hair - one black, one red, and one red and black.

I also made her a burgundy and black flower lapel pin for her coat.

LG got into the handmade mission himself and made these sterling and moonstone earrings for his teacher.

We spent a relatively quiet Christmas with family

enjoying the company - laughter, opening gifts....

and of course






We do a buffet style dinner on Christmas Eve - which is when we open our gifts.

Its just about the same each year - cocktail meatballs, terriyaki chicken wings, a cheese platter, fruit platter, bread, chips, dip, and sometimes a little surprise here and there.

All of it was SO incredibly good this year, everything seemed to just come out really well.

will update later with some photos from Christmas day -- hope everyone had a GREAT holiday.

Now we have a few days to catch our breath before the New Years Eve festivities. Whew. I normally enjoy a quiet evening in on NYs Eve. And I see no reason to deviate from tradition here.

but what about you? What will you do to 'ring in' the New Year?