Wednesday, February 09, 2011

no, this is not THAT kind of blog

I know that I've been posting a lot about food lately - but really, this is not turning into a food blog. Its just that lately I've been whipping up some killer eats and I want to SHARE!

So tonight I had some leftover bread....big crusty loaf bread. But it was a bit stale, so rather than throw it away I thought I'd make a little pan of bread pudding.

But not just any bread pudding...................

I also had a bit of half and half left over from that scrumptious seafood bisque I made the other night. AND I had ricotta on hand. Two things I NEVER have in my kitchen.

So I took the crust off the bread....ground that up in my mini-chop, rough cut the bread and set it aside.

In a large bowl I whisked two egg yolks with sugar, added the half and half and a small container of ricotta and a splash of vanilla then added all the bread. I stirred in halved strawberries and baked for about 35 minutes.

oh wow.


The bread got crispy on top - and was creamy underneath - it was sweet  - but tangy from the strawberries.


try it.

I started to take photos but then got ahead of myself and so I only have one of the mixture - none of the finished product. And we ate most of it.

Next time. I'll get all the photos.

Cuz I luvs ya'll.