Monday, May 16, 2011

Bigger than big



Like Freak of nature big.

First there was this gargantuan strawberry.

THIS, we enjoyed.

And truly, there was enough that we could ALL enjoy it!

I, and I alone, experienced this next one.

And there is quite a story to go along with it.....

But I'll save that for another time.

For now, let me tell you that the cute little (NOT little) guy above is #2.

Below is #1.

I saw #1 while I was inside the house as it was closing in on midnight.

I tried to get a photo of it from inside the house but the screen was a barrier. It wasn't moving at all so I stepped outside and snapped a few photos.

And at some point during our little photo shoot, #2 came SWOOPING down out of the ink black night.

FLAPPING wildly, careening here and there, flying erratically, alighting for a mere second here and there before continuing the flapping and flying...

which is when things got really interesting.

Since he was now between me and the door.

And I now wanted back in the house in the worst sort of way. be continued.