Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh, if only I could go

I love love love enamel.

I don't work with it nearly often enough.  (something about time and space...)

But I do enjoy when I have an entire day to sift and fire and sift and fire and sift and fire (and rinse and repeat, you know the deal, right??)

I've never had any training in enamels. I have Linda Darty's book and I have read on forums and then I've done what I do best - play. :)

And then I discovered that there is a conference this fall called ALCHEMY.

It is the Enamelist Society's conference. . . in September. . . . Arrowmont (in TN).

AND some of my favorite enamelists are conducting workshops!!  (Ricky Frank, Shana Kroiz) AND, and, and Megan Corwin is doing a chasing workshop! ARGH! 

If only I could og. *sniff* *sniff*

If you go, you'll tell me all about it - right?

but not in a mean teasing way.

In a nice SHARING way -- right?