Monday, May 02, 2011

Stealing time

I have been dedicated to stealing time lately.

Since we are SO incredibly busy, I have had to MAKE myself steal little snippets of time. In between packing and work and baseball and everything else, I've stolen a little studio time. And then last night when I was weary and bone tire, I snagged some time after LG went to bed for a little patina party. Nothing fancy - just some good ol' LOS.

 Now I have to find time to toss these into the tumbler - not that this takes more than a minute or two, but right now the house is turned upside down and I have about 75 or 
  238 boxes or something - whose counting, right -  but there are LOTS of boxes - of STUFF. And here's a little secret - I'm not good at putting labels on everything.  (organization? not my strong suit)

And even if I they had little labels on them, just about all of it is now in 3 pods in the driveway, one pod being full top to bottom and front to back, so much so that I'm really rather afraid to open the door. (but I must soon as I have a show coming up on June 4th - wish me luck!)

So, finding my tumbler might be a challenge.

There's the pods coming off the truck............

Pod #1 being deposited.....just imagine 3 of them lined up in the driveway.

And them crammed with boxes and furniture.

Boxes with no labels.

I feel a headache coming on.....

So back to happier things like just what needs to go in the tumbler.    Well, these little lovelies.                    ->

More scrap pieces.

I need a name for this series......anyone have any ideas for me?

I hate to call them 'scrap #1', 'scrap #2' etc.

Just doesn't seem to create a feeling of desire or worth. Ya know?

and speaking of names - this is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I have been chatting with another artist about marketing and branding and 'etc' and names is a big topic in all of that.

Naming your business, naming individual pieces, naming lines or important it all is, how it evokes emotions and responses and maybe purchases.  The more I consider home staging the more I consider the whole psychology of buying - whether it be a home or a piece of jewelry or anything really.

I plan on writing more about that, but its tres late and I need to get to bed - if I can fall asleep amidst the noise
(firecrackers are going off a block or two away - late night celebrating - I'm not gonna go there though......)although by the time this posts it will be should I delete that? Hmm, freaky stuff this scheduling of posts.

Oh, and one last thing - here is something else I've been doing.

I am determined to get flush setting down to a 'no-brainer' type technique. So I'm determined to make myself flush set a bunch of stones as often as possible because that is the only way I'll get comfortable with it. (For some reason people think I know how to do this well. Well, I don't! I can 'mock' flush set using built up metal (like setting in a ball for instance) - but flush setting in flat material is a totally different thing.) 

<- Here are some of my little practice things.

If they were cleaner I'd sell them as pendants, cuz they're kinda cute, but I think I'm going to take the stones out and probably use the leftover metal pieces as ring shanks in my scrap series.

OK, now I'm really going.

night. or morning. or afternoon, evening...whatever it might be where you are!!  :)