Monday, February 27, 2012

Need help!

I am putting out a plea for help.

I'm looking for ideas.

For experience that goes in either direction - either this didn't work for m, or this did work for me.

I'm seeking to find a good way to position earrings for photography. Apart from my signature photo in the hand, NONE of my earring photos have ever really pleased me. I've tried hanging them, laying them side by side, propping them up, propping one up...etc And they just never look very good to me.

The thing is, there are some earrings that I've made that I LOVE...but then I look at the photos and think 'ehm, they look so-so'.

Take these earrings .......................

 In the hand - they look pretty good (I think).

but hanging here -- ehhhhh, they look so-so.

Am I right?

And I tried laying them down on a black surface as well as the light colored tile shown there.

Neither was great.

So what is your favorite backdrop, surface, position for earrings come time for photo shoot?

Or, share with me what you have tried that didn't work - what should I definitely rule out?

Maybe I need to go back to my floating glass and give that a try............

Leave your thoughts and I'll redo these earrings with suggestions I get and also the floating glass.