Monday, July 15, 2013

Artists Synchroblog - Morning or Night....?

The Artists Synchroblog is a group of bloggers who post on the same topic on odd months and on even months we take on a Pinterest Challenge where we each take inspiration from a Pinterest picture, creating something (art, a meal, a DIY project, etc) and then posting about it.  You can read more about the Artists Synchroblog here.

This month the topic is "Morning Bird/Night Owl". 

I think its really interesting to learn about people's personalities, creative styles, and lifestyles. So, am I a Morning Bird or a Night Owl?

Well, I'm actually a little bit of both!

My morning commute

As long as I'm fairly well rested, I'm a happy morning person. :)  I wake up, grab my coffee and am pretty much ready to go. I can't say that I feel overly creative in the morning, but I've never had the  opportunity to explore that concept either as I work a full time job outside the home. I'd love the chance to find out though!

I am definitely a night owl. I tend to stay up late although that is becoming a little less so as I get older. ;-) I am probably more creative in the evenings but again, that idea is defined by circumstances.

evening sky from my front door

In truth, I am probably 'creative' at any time of the day or night as long as I have TIME. In terms of personality, I can definitely burn the candle at both ends and be quite happy either way. 

What about you - do you consider yourself more of a morning bird or a night owl?

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