Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Workin' it summer

Summer is upon us and we're well into the lovely (not) hot season complete with pop-up thunderstorms and even several (small) tornadoes!

summer 2012
I'll be heading to the beach for a week in August to relax, but for now it's work, work, work. And then more work!  Both work-work and working in and around the house.

With summer schedules being a little looser I'm at liberty to work extra hours at the day-job which is great as it allows me to catch up and clean and re-organize. Feeling more on top of things really makes life so much more stress-free. 

And with LG being at the beach much of the summer, it allows me to use the weekends to catch up on organizing the house and working on new designs. 

See, it's all work, work, work! And I'm REALLY thankful to have the time to do it. :)  Really. :) I'm not being sarcastic - it's like a little slice of heaven here on earth to have TIME to take care of things AND to have time, sometimes, to do nothing. shhhhhhhh. don't tell anyone. :)

What are you looking forward to this summer?