Monday, February 24, 2014

Journey with camera to curating my photos

But it's more than that really.

It's a journey of discovering if this will remain a lovely, fun, inspiring, and creative endeavor or if it will turn into a business that is all of those things plus contributes to the health and happiness of my home.

It's a journey of self discovery as well.

Who am I as a creator and designer? 

How does that translate into my 'brand'?  (which is really everything from my designs to how I work, materials I work with, to what my website looks like - color, font, styling, to the photography,  to packaging, to the venues in which I sell - it's everything.

And it's all been so 'unplanned' up until now.

It's time to curate my business.  (as a matter of fact, this is a concept I've been thinking about in relation to my life overall in general lately - more on that another day)

So what does it mean to curate my business? It means looking at all those things above, as well as who my customers are, who my IDEAL customers I should market - it's reviewing, selecting, and organizing all of these things. Sifting through it all and seeing what makes sense to keep, what to toss, what I need to bring in.....trying new things, seeing what works and what doesn't. With the goal to bring it all together so it makes sense - AND so that it says something.

Either a message or an emotion. I think most successful businesses have one or the other or sometimes both. A strong message or statement or they evoke a strong emotion - either way it's something people can connect to. 

I mentioned some months back - in October - 4 months ago - that I felt like I was on a precipice. I think I'm cresting that tipping point. The words are starting to's not as vague as it was, it's becoming clearer, more solid. . . and that's exciting!

I've decided to stick with my color scheme - olive, burgundy, black - and pull that into my photography. I don't have it all figured out yet and still have the new camera learning curve, but I took some photos this weekend that are  heading in the right direction, and I'll continue to tweak them over the next week or so.  Then I will have the JOY of redoing all of my photos! (so not looking forward to that, BUT, the nice thing about this set up is that there is almost NO editing other than crop. gotta LOVE that!)



I also just learned that saving photos from FB and then uploading them here is causing some really weird distortion and loss of data in the images.

Check this out. Same photo as above, just saved to my hard drive first then attached.  The others weren't as bad but still very noticeable changes in all of them, they were all much lighter in color and more pixelated. I'm not sure what to make of that, I've never seen it before. Anyone have any ideas?