Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tales from Home Cooking....

I should not be left at home alone. Seriously.

Whenever I have a couple of days at home alone (or almost alone) I find myself in the kitchen.

I always think I'm going to run to the studio but for some reason, I go through periods where instead I end up in the kitchen.

This holiday weekend was one of those kitcheny weekends. While I spent a lot of time cleaning, mowing the lawn, putting stuff up in the attic, etc............I also found myself unsuccessfully fighting an incredible urge to COOK.

I baked sandwich bread in my new pan, made mocha fudge brownie cakes, enjoyed cheese burgers, and chicken two ways. And I still have one more day at home! whoot ! whoot !

Today I ate nothing all day except bread. A slice here, a slice there, plain, buttered, apple good.

I purchased a special pan to make a long loaf of bread that is JUST the right size for slicing and sandwiches.

Look at that beautiful bread........

Sliced so sweetly. 

I decided we needed something heartier than bread so made chicken and rice for dinner. (I know - rice, more carbs!)

As long as I was in a cooking mood I decided to do the chicken two ways - a baked crunchy chicken and a pan seared chicken with sauteed veggies.

Yes, that's baked chicken. 

Looks fried, doesn't it?  Frying can be messy and after all of that bread I thought we needed to be a little healthy for dinner - right?

More on that tomorrow - as well as a look at the Mocha Fudge Brownie Cakes and their surprise ingredient, again, to be a little healthier.