Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Internet Resources...

I will update this as I can, but wanted to share a couple of recent 'finds'.

First is Connie Fox's new Design CD. Well worth the minimal price which was I think about $25. You can find details on her website at :

Also, Eni Oken has extended her online tuts into a CD format - you may find her at and if the price of her CD is daunting - look through her online tutorials. Some are free and some are for a minimal price. The CD is a compilation of all her tutorials, but you may find that picking and choosing a few works for you where your pocket book is right now!

More to come...........

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  1. In this posting you mentioned working with solder. I truly want to expand my range of jewelry making techniques and tools to include soldering. There are many times I am designing and wish that I was able to do that.
    I have seen an electric soldering pen that looked interesting to play with, but in this entry you mention a tourch. What do you suggest?
    Can you recommend torches and/or tools that would be key in soldering? It would be great too if you could also recommend web page resources for purchase of that equipment as well. I have some web wholesale company resources, but just am not sure what to get.