Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Charm Swap!

I finally got my charms finished and photographed for the Charm Swap project #2 over at WetCanvas!. The swap was designed for each person to make 2 charms for each other person in their group following the theme that that particular person selected. Each person then ends up with 20 charms for a bracelet (or necklace) in whatever theme they selected!

Here they are in no particular order:

This person used Gaudi as their theme - think lines, dots, turrets...

This persons theme was 'black, white, silver with a touch of red"

A similar theme here - black and purple.

This person wanted blues and butterflies.

This persons theme was 'Fall pantone colors'....

This theme was 'creamsicle' - peachy orangey...

This person wanted a sealife charm set - water, blues, greens etc

Then we had 'denim blues'

And finally (coming soon - forgot to take photo) - Black tie, white, silver, sparkley!

So how do you think I did on the themes? You can use the comment function below.

Edited to add the theme I chose for MY charms! It is a piece of artwork by Elizabeth Murray entitled Terrifying Terrain. I love the gritty urban feel I get from it. Can't wait to see my charms!

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