Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving full speed ahead!

Moving into the new year I am trying to continue expanding my designs...branching out into new looks, new approaches. I am also interested in using some of my scrap and leftovers. So here are two pieces with that in mind - I will continue finessing this concept!!

The earrings are leftover etched copper and rollprinted sterling scraps.

The pendant is charoite and atlantasite set in a more modern setting than I usually fabricate. The bail is the curved top which is hollow to allow a wire to pass through

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  1. Love the purple and green pendant - that's super special I think! The earrings are pretty cool too :)

  2. Your work is stunning! I love these earings too! I want to take a metelsmithing class so bad, but finding the time is hard...maybe I will just drool over your stuff for now!