Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching up...

wow, I've been on a roll again with new techniques...most are building off of old 'base' techniques - like soldering, hammering etc.

Building on the soldering, I've tried some filigree:

And I've begun some fold-forming (taking hammering to a new level!):

and chain weaving:

and have a new necklace to share! This is all hand done, from the pendant to the forged links, to the chain. :)

Hope to have a few fold formed pieces finished with stones set in them, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh so awesome!!!!I love the variety of techniques. Can I link to your blog?

  2. wow what an amazing peice. Do you sell these anywhere?

  3. Thanks Tam and Jane!

    Tam, of course, feel free to link.

    Jane - I"m not officially selling yet but will be in the near future - feel free to check back here (I'll put up a notice) or my website (woefully under-updated) at

  4. Those are wonderful!! I've always thought of fold forming as such a linear thing...The random folds are much more interesting!