Monday, May 19, 2008

More hollow ring play

There is now a flurry of hollow rings going on over at the Jewelry Artists Network forum, check it out, as there is some amazing work there. (If you're not registered there yet - DO IT, its free!!! Just be sure to post in the info thread to activate your account!).

I have also made another hollow ring, this one done slightly different in process than Han's HIDI.

Here is it:

We have been having an exchange on the forum re: hole or no hole in a hollow form for subsequent soldering operations. I decided NO hole on this one and it blew a seam and puffed up like a big pillow! I hammered out the pillow on a flat stake with a planishing hammer and thought it was really flat but the play of light in the photo indicates there is still a slight 'pillow' which is interesting. I may try another and try puffing it up on purpose. (it will probably explode - I'll be sure to wear goggles and a helmet!)


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