Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have been slacking in the TT department. Life has seriously gotten in the way of my personal plans here lately! Hopefully we're back on a schedule now and the tutes will be posted each Tuesday. :)

Today I have several tutorials to help us get organized in the studio!

First up, a file organizer:

File for Files
This system keeps your files organized, handy, and in good working order!

Storage for Flex Shaft Tools

This is named a "zaggat" which really means pyramid!
I have a few others you will have to check back for as I can't pull up the urls right now. In the meantime, browse the 'bench exchange' on Ganoksin to see studios of jewelers around the world!

Speaking of benches - Ganoksin also offers an articke with instructions on building your own basic bench.

And another find is a template for layout of a studio to get you thinking. STUDIO TEMPLATE

Next week, the tutorial will be for telescoping rivets - such as this:



  1. Interesting photo of the "Storage for Flex Shaft Tools" !

  2. Janice, I need to organize my workbench in a big way. I don't have very many files yet but I think I'm going to need to make one of those file holders anyway - and then I'll have an excuse to fill it!