Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tension translated

Things at home continue to be very very stressful and I haven't been getting much sleep and thus haven't had any real energy to be creative. I still have a commissioned ring, sitting unfinished which I really need to complete. However, I can't begin to think of working on something for a customer when I may end up smashing it to pieces in frustration just because I'm so tense.

I tend to work harshly when I'm stressed.

But I felt I needed to make something, so I pulled out some huge round wire, grabbed a stone, and had an idea for a ring. The result - nothing like I had envisioned (again, good reason not to work on customer piece) - but not to shabby all the same.

This is a faceted garnet with a flared tube setting and a heavily hammered (tortured) ring shank.



  1. Hey Janice! Thanks for visiting my blog! I do really like this ring, and I've had one really similar in mind. Mine won't have the loops on the ends, if I ever do it! LOL
    It's terrible to be stressed out and not be able to work. I know the feeling! My 25 year old son lives next door (like 10 feet away) and between him and my hubby, they keep me pretty stressed out, too!
    I hope everything gets better for you soon!

  2. Maybe you stressed right now, but remember,-- I think you one great person!!! ( Smiley here!)

  3. Hey Tammy - You are welcome (sometimes I forget to visit around out there in blogland). And thanks - I look forward to seeing your ring!

    Hey Hans!! THANK YOU! ((hugs))