Friday, October 24, 2008

Goaling forward

Going forward and 'goal'ing forward. . . I was reading a blog yesterday that talked about goals and intentions and steps to take to get to where you want to be. It also spoke of passion. It was an interesting read. I have never been one to make "New Year resolutions" but I will agree that the New Year just seems ripe with so many possibilities - for a fresh start, new directions, etc.

Ring in the new, kick to the curb the old.

So with that in mind I'm beginning the process of verbalizing my 'intentions' and goals and dreaming a little.

Its fun to just dream, but......will I......dare I...... use the 'c' word? . . commit? I wonder sometimes if I'm somewhat committment phobic. (I AM still single ya know.)

Or if its just a fear of the fall (thanks Bebo for a great line).

Whichever, in any event, its time to suck it up and go forward with some direction.

The process began with me writing down some areas of my life - work, metalsmithing, personal, spiritual, health. I may not tackle all of those, but they are all areas where I could use some systematic steps forward. Tweaking. We all need to get a little bit tweaked now and then - don't we?

Next, I took my little notebook and pencil to bed with me last night (I did say I was single - right?) and wrote down some specific goals. Later tonight I will write down some steps to take to achieve those goals and maybe some benchmarks or measurements so I'll be able to see how I'm doing through the year.

After that, I will need to create a 'schedule' - not just month by month of steps, but actual day by least for the first quarter (I'll write the second quarter once I'm halfway into the first).

Then the final step will be to assess and revise along the way.

Sounds like fun RIGHHHHHHHHT? yea.

Actually there was another suggestion.

An accountability group. Find others in your 'business' - in this case, metalsmithing....and form a group where you share your goals and progress and help keep one another on track. I like the idea but it adds another layer of....dare I say it......committment. Oy.

However, I'm willing to entertain the idea, so if you're interested (and I know you - even just a little from blogland or a forum or real life....) drop me a note: janiceihg AT hotmail DOT com and we can see about forming a group of maybe 3 or 4, or 5 or 6. . . .



  1. HA! I have no goals! I'm one of those people who flit through life doing whatever.
    Oh wait! My only goal is to make my children GROW UP! :)

  2. Tammy, I've been a flitter my whole life - time to get serious girl! :)

  3. Making lists really works for me. I crossed off a bunch of things today. I get the most done when I have a constant reminder of what my day should be like- because my head is full of gas.
    lists = beano, which reduces my chances of having brain farts.

  4. I love lists! Daily lists, weekly lists, yearly lists, 2 year and 5 year lists, I make them

    The whole thing about goals and lists is not in the making, but in the doing.

    The making helps to solidify your intentions, hopes, dreams, so you and others can see them easier. A map of sorts, that will never be as straight forward as you may wish, but will help guide you on your path.

    The doing is what makes them come true.

  5. Janice it seems I always have good intentions!

  6. You list lovers are really confirming that I need to do this!! I always have good intentions too just poor follow through! I think having the lists will help me stay focused and on track. I'll keep you all posted! :)

  7. Good Morning Janice! Just popped in to say.... TAG! You're IT!
    You can read about it on my blog and play along if you'd like.

  8. I did the big bad "C" (commit) word myself recently. What helped me? Announcing to all my friends and family on my blog, that I WILL get my jewelry into a local shop by the end of October (as long as they except me, that is)...keeping fingers crossed! I'm not one to say I'll do something and then turn around and not do it...if I'm not going to do it, I just keep my mouth shut. I knew by putting it on my blog, I was committing myself...can't let my fans! So, today I have everything in order and plan to march myself right down to that shop tomorrow and drop my stuff off.

  9. YAY Candace - you're an inspriation!! I'm not one to put my mind to something and then not do it - not usually anyway. but life has been very overwhelming lately and I have had to turn midstream or back out of a lot of things. I think though, I'm learning to be more selective. I'm giving up my superwoman mentality...I'm setting firmer boundaries. . knowing my limits maybe. I am not sure I want to voice all my plans - thats just too scary! Falling on my face doesn't hurt as much the fewer people that know. ;-) I will be rooting you on though. YOU GO GIRL!