Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hurdles and Bravery

As much as I have wanted to unpack after the retreat, it has just been one hurdle after another. And here time sites - a week and a half home - and I still haven’t unpacked a thing! OK, one thing. My tumbler. I needed to fix the belt and I figured making jewelry wouldn’t be complete without tumbling – yes, I tumble polish EVERYthing. So that’s out, and a few things I had to pull through to get to it are sitting around the boxes, generally contributing to the mayhem of boxes and disarray of what was hastily left there the night I packed PRIOR to the retreat.

So what has delayed me? Energy for one – or lack thereof, in more ways than one!

I have just been so unbearably tired since I came home. And then my son has had a dazzling array of events and then there was pumpkin carving. And then the loss of electricity. Which lasted 2 days. Ok, not continuous outage for two days – first day out for a few hours second day flashes every 30 minutes or so. Seriously. Every. 30. minutes. Out went the lights. Wait a minute or minute and a half, one come the lights.

Unpack in the basement with no lights. No thanks.

And the constant re-starting of 'stuff' in our house - we finally unplugged half the house. Did I mention the washer went up just before this? And then the tv blew with the power outage?

Oh yea, its been fun, reallllllll fun.

I also haven’t worked on my list (intentions/goals) the past few days, HOWEVER, I have begun to implement some of the work for items that did make it onto the list the other day – and its not even 2009 yet!! YAY! Now if I can just get my studio unpacked I can push forward even more. Must. Unpack. Studio. I’m almost afraid to say it – but . . . .

I commit to unpacking my studio tonight! (that’s the bravery part – using the ‘c’ word yet again!)


  1. Unpacking sucks! I would have put it off, too.
    Good luck!

  2. Janice's Goals:

    1- Make sure the electricity problem
    is sorted

    2- Unpack

    Sounds like pretty good goals for now :)

    Your doing the right thing. Some goals and plans just need to be put on hold when more important things come along. I am sure you will get back to it when you can.

  3. Getting started is the hardest part.

    I know first hand, what it's like to put off doing what you should do, due to just being wiped out...oh, and finding the ambition to get back in the groove...maybe it's one of them boxes you haven't unpacked!

  4. OK - I am officially 3/4 unpakced! YAY! I feel great - but a bit tired. :)