Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ready, Set......GO!

Well, not quite yet.

The retreat begins in ohh, well, let's see - ummm a ummm mere...hmmmm fleeting oooohhhhh 72-ish hours.


But I haven't packed a thing. Really. Well, ok, I dumped some shampoo and conditioner in two small containers...and I tossed them on top of a rubbermaid box that has some 'stuffs' from last year's trip. And that's about as far as my sorry ass behind has gotten.

Where is all my energy!!???? I think its been sapped by single parenting (PTA, soccer, tennis, homework etc with my son), a wacked out adult daughter, work, bills, buying the car.....

This is why I NEED the retreat. I get so tired sometimes and this getaway is the perfect remedy! However, if I don't get movin' I won't be ready at all to go on Sunday.

I need to do the following:
  • pack clothing/personal stuff
  • pack up my studio
  • pack the food I'm taking
  • make sure all the laundry etc is done
  • pull clothes for my son for school and soccer next week (and oh yea, school pictures are on Tuesday while I'm gone)
  • Make sure his soccer uniform and ball, cleats etc are at the ready
  • write an emergency medical note for him
  • leave lunch money for him in a baggy
  • set bible and AWANA stuff out on desk for Sunday
  • Grocery shop so they have food to eat while I"m gone
  • Buy tarps to cover seating etc in my NEW CAR
  • Fix spelling on blogpost

hmmm, I know I'm forgetting something....



  1. You lucky girl! I'm so jealous of all you retreat people!
    I understand about the being tired. I've had the flu or something and it was while I was very busy selling. Things were awesome for a couple of weeks, then the stock market went nuts and people stopped buying.
    I'm better now, and nobody is buying!
    Have so much fun at the get-together! Tell everybody I said Hi!

  2. Well, now is the time to replenish your stock!! Get going girl! :)

    I'll tell em all 'hi' for you, wish you could be there! Maybe next year???

  3. Have fun! I can't wait to see all the beautiful creations that come from it!