Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rain Day - YAY!

I know, I know. I really am an oddball. But I love the rain.

I used rain as inspiration in this piece of jewelry a couple of years ago and think I may be able to come up with something new today inspired by the rain I'm watching from my desk.

I enjoy watching the raindrops trail down the window, slow and graceful.
Oh, and the sound of rain falling. I also appreciate the softness the sky takes on when its raining. No glare, no harshness, just a pale grey or dark blue. Its all so gentle. And the ripples on a lake or in puddles on the street. So calming as they begin as a tiny point and then undulate outward, getting larger as they push out from their centers. (photo taken in street in front of my home)

Of course things are different when its a thunderstorm! But - I love those too! The rumble of thunder in the distance and then the CRACK! as the lightening splits the sky. The wind whipping through the trees.

The sheer power and the display of it all - its truly 'awe'some to me.

In either case, after the rain the world often seems to have an instant 'freshness'. The plants perk up, the air is cleaner, the sun comes out, and its reminds me that there is life after the storm. That there are cycles to life. Thats a good thing to remember I think. No matter how dark the skies, how long the rain, things will be clear again and fresher than before. Rain rejuvenates.
(photo taken from my front porch looking up into the sky following a hail storm)

Its also an awesome opportunity for puddle jumping!!!!!!!!! How fun is that?
(photo taken of my son's feet when HE was puddle jumping one day!)

So while there are some down sides to rain, I guess I tend to be a 'glass is half full' kind of person. I choose to look at the 'up' side of things. I hope to capitalize on the positive things in life and use them as inspiration.

Enjoy your day today - whatever the weather!!



  1. I love the rain too! Thought I would stop by and say hello...I have been lax in my blog-reading so am trying to catch up! I need to get my boy some of those cool puddle jumper boots :)

  2. Well hey there!! I've been a bit quiet lately...doing more thinking than writing. Glad you stopped by AND said hello! ((hugs))

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that loves rain!! I thrive on it! Thunderstorms are awesome too, but we don't get many of those, just LOTS of wonderful, refreshing, invigorating rain!! Yet another thing we have in common! :)

  4. I guess we're all in good company and cant be THAT odd then! :)

  5. great post Janice..another rainy day lover here. I grew up on Vancouver Island..need we say more? :-) I look forward to seeing more tutorials from you.