Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is official !!

Tuesday nights are MINE!!!!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Hallelujah! (can you hear the angels sing?)

Anyone else have a hard time carving out bench time?

I used to have Tuesday nights to work at the bench - that is the night my son and my dad were at church doing the 'boys brigade' thing. For two years they did that, although one year I was at a women's bible study that same night -- but anyway, then that changed nights and I was able to have Tuesday nights to myself. Then...........

It all ended. My little guy switched from that group to a group that meets on Sunday nights and its not a parent-child activity - so that means "I" take him and "I" pick him up, which means my time at home is choppy.

But THEN...........

my Father has agreed to take over duties on Tuesday nights, so once I get home and slap some dinner on the table, change out of my work clothes (ok, maybe not in that order) I get to run off to the bench! For what is hopefully a blissfully productive 4 hours or so. YAY!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly wait. I feel positively giddy!

I have one concern though - thing is, Sam - my little guy - is still there. So we'll have to see how well we do keeping away from one another. I swear, I am so in love with that kid - we're like glue when we're around one another. :) He's just too cute and too fun and too snuggly and yummy and *sigh* . . . I hope this works.

Hopefully I will have new goodies to share either late tonight or some time tomorrow night. :)

We shall see....



  1. You're too cute - can't wait to see what your Tuesday night produces...

  2. haha. Well, not much unfortunately. I have been promising a tutorial on a certain ring - so I spent most of the evening trying to get the right angle to take pictures of the entire process. What a chore! And a challenge! On the 'side' I fiddled with a new pair of earrings. Will finish those tonight hopefully and then post!

  3. It can be hard to get time for yourself. I hope you get enough to create, cause your jewelry ROCKS!