Monday, February 16, 2009

Productive Weekend

For me, metalsmithing comes in waves. I don't always have the time I'd like to sit at the bench for a couple of hours to work on jewelry. And sometimes when I DO have the time, I'm beat! Since I work FT outside the home, and I have a son (age 7) at home, my evenings are a whirlwind.

BUT, I had the best Valentine's 'gift' - the house to myself on Saturday night - from about 6:30pm on....YAY! My son went to a sleep-over birthday party (his first ever sleep-over!) And I got to finish these, two of which are listed on etsy:

I actually had started the smoky quartz ring sometime last week, but didn't finish it until Saturday night. Then whipped out the other two pretty quick. Its unbelievable how having an totally empty house can really boost productivity! If only the rest of the weekend had been that quiet. :)

Saturday morning my son had a basketball game at 8 am. So we were up and out early. Then shopping for the b-day present on the way home. Then house cleaning and some laundry and then packing for the big sleep-over. Then off to the sleep-over, but not before I accidentally tripped the security alarm! So when I got home, the police were waiting for me. But then, after that, I had the house to myself!

Sunday morning I skipped church, something I so rarely do, to pick Sam up from the party. After that we went straight to the grocery, came home, put away groceries, cooked brunch....finished some laundry and hung out with Sam. Took photos of jewelry, made dinner, visited with my daughter and her friend who stopped by, then gave them a ride home - got home about 9pm and uploaded the pictures. Cropped, edited, posted online. And finally went to bed around 11:45 I think. Somehow the weekend seemed busier than that. All I know is it was over before I knew it!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

OK, here is a late addition picture - to give you an idea about the size difference:

The chrysanthemum stone ring is really big! The setting itself measures 1.5 inches at the long angle. :)


  1. Ack! I left a nice comment and it didn't show up...I'll try again!

    I'm happy to hear and see you had a productive weekend. All the rings are beautiful, as always....drooling over all the new pretties! :) I love how you make your ring bands....very unique.

    Hopefully there will be another sleep-over soon. I know I cherish anytime I can get alone and that's not often with a 11, 9, & 6 year! I also have a son who is 20, but he's off doing his tour in the coast guard. How old is your daughter?

  2. Lovely rings. It sounds to me as though you have energy to spare. You accomplished a lot more than I would have.
    I really enjoy your beautiful work.


  3. Janice,

    Nice work as usual.

    I tried to do some things, outside of my normal area, and not so happy with them all...
    That box is so hard to get out of! LOL


  4. Beautiful...all of them. And like I said in the forum, the smoky ring is my favorite.

  5. Great gob, Janice!! They're all gorgeous!!! Beautifully finished too. I like the one with the sticks beside the stone (naturally! LOL).

  6. They're all gorgeous!
    And good grief, I thought I was busy! :)

  7. Hi Janice!
    This is the first time I have seen your work. You humble me. WoW!

  8. Hey, Janice! Beautiful work! I want to be you when I grow up. LOL You are an inspiration!

  9. Wow - you all overwhelme me!

    Thanks Candace! BTW - got my package last night - late, no time for photos but will get one tonight. And THANK YOU!!!! WE love it. (yes, I said 'we' - my mom has her eye on it - truly. She wants it. Guess I'll have to share) Will post it tonight! My daughter is 20 Candace. I've got a big gap in there.

    Carolyn - I'm having a rare burst of energy here lately - just hoping it continues. Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks everyone else!!

    Judy - don't wait til you grow up - be all you can be NOW! lol. There is always someone to inspire us to push further, if I am that for you - I am incredibly honored and humbled. I think that is one of the GREAT things about the internet - how we can encourage, support, inspire one another at any time from anywhere! :)

  10. (Sorry! Wrong ID!!)

    What I said was....

    Beautiful! I love the the smoky quartz...gorgeous setting! I'm looking forward to the point where I'm confident enough in my skills to include some more substantial 'bling'!

  11. Drop dead gorgeous work~ I love popping in and seeing what you're up to! :)The big one is my fave..

  12. Beautiful work Janice! Isn't it great to have family support to help give you time at the bench which is so fullfilling to you.

    And... I LOVE the description of your "warm, cuddly, yummy little boy!" Oooh- love those days- I can't wait for grandchildren! My girls are all grown up!