Monday, February 09, 2009

Return to resin

The really cool thing about metalsmithing is how versatile it can be. (well, ok, tha's ONE cool thing - the tools and gems are definitely another!)

I haven't explored resin in quite a while, but I really enjoy working with it. Something about taking the clear resin and mixing it with weird things - like paprika and cumin and pepper and other spices - the smell is unbelievable.

And the result can be playful or dramatic or striking.

Ok, true confession time - I actually had begun this piece by enamelling a coper dome. Fired and refired and fired some more - had a nice organic mottled surface, set it in the pendant, and CRACK! Broke it. Soooooo, I thought - aha! Resin.

This looks completely different than it would have if I hadn't broken the enamel - but I really like it.

How about you?

Whatdya think?

Its sterling, fine silver, resin.

The chain is all handmade as is the clasp.

I think I rather like it!

Comments, feedback, etc appreciated!


  1. Ok, so when I see the word resin, I go to a naughty place. Ha! My youth.

    Although this piece isn't my style, I like the chain and think the piece will appeal to a lot of others. And hell...anytime you can save a goof it has cred. And I forget how nice an S clasp can be...I made one the other day and wondered why I don't do them more. Nice choice as always.

  2. Very pretty~~I like it. Love the colors. It gives it a very organic look. You've inspired me to try playing with some resin.


  3. I think I rather like it also...nice job.

  4. I'm with sassyglass! I rather like it, too!

  5. It turned out beautiful. I also love the handmade chain.

    I've never tried resin...could have used it yesterday, after I broke a stone I was setting. Now all I have is an empty bezel cap and no stone to fit into it. :P


  6. Very pretty! I have a big box of resin and lots of colors. Just haven't broken into it yet. I'd love to experiment.

  7. Wow, thanks all!! I am overwhelmed by the response this piece has gotten. :) People really seem to like it. That makes me really pleased because I love working with resin - something about it. Fun, quick, easy - and endlessly different. :) Thanks again!

  8. It's wonderful. The resin is so effective, the colours so rich. And the hand-made chain and clasp really set it off. Lovely.

  9. I love your handmade chain. That must have taken ages to make because the links are so small. The clasp is lovely too!